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Milestones were located every half mile along the Canal, showing the distance from Edinburgh on the east face and rom Falkirk on the west face.   Markers were also placed at the boundaries of the 4 stages, each approximately 8 miles long, into which the Canal was divided.   LUCS member Jim Lonie has photographed the milestones and markers and included them with a brief commentary in a small book which is available from the Canal Museum.   They are shown here, starting from Edinburgh. About a third of the milestones are original; the others are replicas made for the Millennium restoration.   The intention was to replace all missing stones but three have been omitted: 11.5/20, 12.5/19 and 25.5/6. In addition two of the replaced stones 0.5/31 and 28/3.5 (photographed in 2010 and shown here) are no longer in place.